Dear Me,

Are you not tired of being hurt? Are you not tired of loving the same person over and over again but not giving you back the love that you deserv?
You know you deserv someone better than him right? So don’t be such a stupid bitch over that stupid asshole, and stop hurting yourself. Believe in destiny, believe that destiny will give you someday the man that you deserv, the man that is willing to protect you, cares for you and tell you he loves you without hesitations, without if’s and why’s.
You are beautiful. Inside and out, don’t let him change that perfect aspect of yours, don’t let him be the center of your universe when you know he will become the reason of your every down fall. There is so much thing to do in life, keep your self busy in anything, don’t over think too much about him. And always remember his no good for you, and he excist in your life only to destroy youe whole personality. So wake up to reality because happy ending for you and him is not ment to happen.
Yes it hurts and its hard to accept, but there is no such thing constant in this world except CHANGE. So keep it in your mind that eventualy you will be fine and can deal with it no matter what.
So dear self, lets work with this together and stop hurting over that man. He did not deserv you. Show him that you are not the same foolish girl that he thinks you are.
Everything can be posible if you are being positive to what ever you want to do. So keep this in you mind and heart, you are not the same person that can be fool by him. He’s such an asshole that is why he did not deserv someone like you.

Yourself :)♥


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